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Tuo Zaafi

Corn powder, served with ayoyo, kubewa busheshe, miakuka, soup, meat or fish soup.

Kokonte with goat meats Ground nuts Soup

Dry cassava powder, served with palm nut or groundnut soup.

Waakye and Shito

Rice and beans served with stew, spaghetti, gari or salad with meat, fish or egg.

Banku and Okra

Corn and cassava dough, served with okra stew.

Fufu and Goat meat Light Soup

Made from cassava and plantain, served with light soup or groundnut soup.

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We are known for the following: Dinner, Fried Rice, Kebab, Lunch, Fish, Pie, Chicken, Doughnuts, Soup, Fried Fish.

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