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Egusi and Pounded Yam serves w/ beef and chicken

Egusi soup is a ground melon seeds and spinach. It is one of the most popular Nigerian soup and often eaten with pounded yam (FUFU)

Vegetables and Pounded Yam serves with beef& chicken

Jollof Rice and Chicken

Served with chicken or fish and salad.

Fried Yam and Fish or Chicken

Fried yam served with fish or chicken and hot sauce.

Succulent African Chicken Dishes

Succulent African Chicken Dishes
Indulge in savory African chicken dishes. Try our spicy peri-peri chicken or tender chicken yassa. Savor the flavors of succulent grilled chicken or hearty chicken stew. Our menu features authentic African chicken recipes that will tantalize your taste buds. Experience the best of African cuisine with our delectable chicken options.

Convenient African Chicken Delivery and Pickup Options

Convenient African Chicken Delivery and Pickup Options
Satisfy your cravings with our flavorful African chicken! Enjoy the convenience of delivery or pickup. Indulge in our succulent peri-peri chicken or tender grilled chicken. Order online for quick pickup or have our delicious dishes delivered to your door.

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