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Eba / Fufu with Okra Soup

Fufu and Goat meat Light Soup

Made from cassava and plantain, served with light soup or groundnut soup.

Pepper Soup with Assorted Meats

Pepper soup made with goat meats, beef and chicken.

Rice Ball w/Palm nut or Peanut Butter soup

Rice ball served with groundnut or palm nut soup, and fish or meat of your choice.

Eba/ Gari with Okro Soup

Kokonte with goat meats Ground nuts Soup

Dry cassava powder, served with palm nut or groundnut soup.

Savory African Soup Delights

Savory African Soup Delights
Indulge in our flavorful African soups. Try our hearty peanut soup or spicy okra soup. Savor the rich, aromatic flavors of our soups made with authentic African spices and fresh ingredients. Whether you're a meat lover or prefer vegetarian options, our soups are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Convenient African Soup Delivery and Pickup Options

Convenient African Soup Delivery and Pickup Options
Satisfy your craving with our flavorful African soups. Enjoy the convenience of delivery or pickup. Try our hearty chicken peanut soup or the spicy vegetable okra soup. Order now for a delicious meal at home.

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